1st Place Finish & Drift Demo @ Redline Time Attack: Willow Springs Raceway

1st Place: Drift Class

I have been wanting to run a time attack this year with my RX-7 since it has been a couple years since I last ran this car in one. I remember my first time attack with this RX-7 was back in 2005 during the Super Street Time Attack Finals in Buttonwillow. That year I took 2nd in Drift Class. This year I finally got another chance to compete in one and made it count this time around and pulled off a 1st Place Victory in the same class with a time of 1:32.87 on Falken Azenis RT-615 street tires. This was actually my first time competing at the Big Willow track. I have only driven on this track on 2 other occasions; a drifting demo in 2004 with my old Discount Tire / Falken 240sx during a Motor Press Guild Event and running some timed laps for SCC mag over 3 years ago in a rhd EVO 3 during a shootout feature. So my experience on this track has been somewhat limited.

Just Drift Demo Just Drift set up a drifting demonstration on the full Big Willow track throughout the Time Attack competition in between sessions. I thought it would be fun to have my car perform double duty that weekend and run both the Time Attack as well as the Drift Demo. So throughout the weekend, I had to make some minor suspension and tire changes to the car, so that I can switch back and forth between the two disciplines. I was using Falken Azenis RT-615’s all around in 245/40/18 fronts & 265/35/18 rears for drift and 265/35/18 fronts & 275/35/18 rears during the grip sessions. But for the most part the car remained very close to my drift setup while running in the time attack. I am pretty interested in seeing how this car will perform in full time attack settings with bigger tires and brakes in the future. I hope to find out soon.

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Check out some videos and coverages from the event:

cwanvids on YouTube

Drifting turns 3-6 outside camera

Speedhunters Willow Springs Redline Time Attack Coverage


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