Calvin @ Thunder Drift Vid by iPhilms

I brought my Falken RX-7 out to Thunderhill Raceway with the Fatlace / 360 Video / Graphtech crew this past Tues. Thunderdrift set up a full track drift day with does not happen too often on this track because the tracks get so busy throughout the year. So I also like taking advantage of these relax drift events to enjoy my cars and to get in extra seat time with some friends. This track has some of the most amazing rhythm sections and variety of corners that makes it so fun to drift on. You Read more [...]

Seattle FD x Falken S15

I was pretty excited to get back in my Falken Tire S15 after coming back from an awesome trip in Japan. Plus I was eager to finally compete in my car this time around since I did not get a chance to during the previous Las Vegas FD round. This was due to the fact that I had to give up my S15 to fellow Falken teammate Darron McNamara who's engine seized up in the Sears Auto / Falken Sky before qualifying. He was leading the series for 1st place, so upon Falken's request, I had to sit that round Read more [...]