Irwindale Finals

My S15 Parked in the Falken Motorsports pits rockin’ some reminiscence of Sonoma battle scars on the car still. One of my wall rides during a solo run on the inner banking. Running through the main inner clipping point. The cool thing about Irwindale is that we get to run the track at night. The course portrays an entirely different ambiance when the lights come on. It makes drifting there much more dramatic and exciting. A feeling unique to Irwindale. Here is Frank Siharath of Garage Read more […]

Brahma Light Drift Track Opening @ Dominican Republic

The Dominican Drift Club called CDCD (Club Dominicano de Corredores de Drift) put together a huge drift event and concert together with track title sponsor Brahma Light. Casper Canul and I got invited to perform a drift demo with our US Formula D cars during their drift series-opening event on September 19th, 2009. Brahma Light setup a pre party at a high end bar located in the center of Santo Domingo, D.R. They brought some drift cars over from the track for display. There was media there present Read more […]