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Calvin Wan is a detail driven Art Director with a diverse 15+ years of experience in the automotive and design fields. He has been passionately involved with the automotive performance tuning and motorsport industry since 1995, with experience ranging from racecar building to stunt driving. He has competed in the top level of professional drifting working directly with the in-house marketing department of Falken Tire since the first professional US drift event in 2003. He has won numerous competitions and awards over the years. Calvin is an experienced drifting judge and instructor for a variety of drifting organizations around the world. Calvin’s extensive knowledge with the sport of drifting led him to author, Calvin Wan’s Drifting Performance Handbook with Motorbooks in 2007.

Throughout his creative career, he has always sought to produce quality and unique solutions. He has created award-winning advertising campaigns in print, video, and mobile mediums. He co-created an iOS app called Drift Sumi-e that ranked in the Top 5 racing charts and highlighted as New & Noteworthy as well as Staff Favorites within the App Store. Calvin also co-founded a successful sign shop, Graphtech Graphics in 1998 and have been involved with graphic design and marketing ever since.

He graduated Top 5 in his major on the President’s Honors List with a BFA Degree in Advertising / Art Direction from Academy of Art in Fall of 2012.


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Calvin Wan Driving Resume 2013