Brahma Light Drift Track Opening @ Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Drift Club called CDCD (Club Dominicano de Corredores de Drift) put together a huge drift event and concert together with track title sponsor Brahma Light. Casper Canul and I got invited to perform a drift demo with our US Formula D cars during their drift series-opening event on September 19th, 2009.

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Brahma Light setup a pre party at a high end bar located in the center of Santo Domingo, D.R. They brought some drift cars over from the track for display. There was media there present taking photos and conducting interviews at the venue.

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Another pre event party was held the following day after a high end night club. The club had both Casper and I sign their celebrity sign board before going in.

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Amongst celebrities in Dominican Republic! We had to add some drift comments on there to represent.

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We went out there a couple of days early to prep our cars, test and setup their new drift track, marking all of the clipping points and track outline of the course. We spoke with the drivers and setup a driver’s meeting during the competition day and went over all of the judging criteria and track rules with their local judges.

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There was a huge turnout, with all 7,500 of the presale tickets being sold out. The crowd was ecstatic the whole event, we were able to hear the crowd roar from all the way down the runway to our pit area.

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The announcer introduced both Capser and I, and had us give the excited crowd a warm welcome.

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The track was actually and old airport runway that is now solely used for drifting within borders of the capital city of Santo Domingo. The straightaway was huge, capable of 100+mph 4th gear entries. We moved the start line up so that the DR competitors would enter in 3rd and initiate with a big feint entry into the left land sweeper and finished off with some esses.

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Casper and I choreographed some drift demo routines in between the competition tandem rounds throughout the event.

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During our demo sessions, we showed them some different style tandem runs: competition style, passing, synchronized manji’s and routines. We even did some Team Orange Style Head-On passes which the crowd went nuts about.

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They were all excited to see our fully built-high power competition drift cars. We are hoping by them seeing our cars, it will inspire the competitors to build up their cars more so they can put on a better show for the spectators.

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I had my FD sitting hella flush that event. So much that I was rubbing my sidewalls off every time I drove. I wanted to show the Dominicans what’s up with good wheel fitment.

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Representing Vitamin Water out in the Dominican Republic!

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I brought out a few cases of Vitamin Water to the event for the locals to try out. They loved it out there. It was actually quite refreshing to have over there since the humidity levels there were constantly at 100% with temps in the 90’s.

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The crowd really enjoyed the drifting out there. They have a strong motorsport culture there and love Japanese & Euro style tuning.

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At the end of the drift event, they setup a podium ceremony and awarded Casper and I some appreciation plaques for participating in the opening of the series.

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After the podium ceremony, they switched gears and went into full concert mode. They had Calle13, a popular Puerto Rican hip-hop band perform in front of this sellout crowd. Calle 13 is a five-time Latin Grammy Award and Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican hiphop and alternative-reggaeton duo.

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This whole event was a huge production with separate VIP areas and catered food and vendors. We even got to hang out with Calle13 in their private trailer for a bit after the concert. Brahma Light and CDCD are currently planning on putting on more events like this in the near future. I am very excited to see what they have in store. I can’t wait to get back out there for more.

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