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Calvin @ Thunder Drift Vid by iPhilms

I brought my Falken RX-7 out to Thunderhill Raceway with the Fatlace / 360 Video / Graphtech crew this past Tues. Thunderdrift set up a full track drift day with does not happen too often on this track because the tracks get so busy throughout the year. So I also like taking advantage of these relax drift events to enjoy my cars and to get in extra seat time with some friends. This track has some of the most amazing rhythm sections and variety of corners that makes it so fun to drift on. You Read more […]

Seattle FD x Falken S15

I was pretty excited to get back in my Falken Tire S15 after coming back from an awesome trip in Japan. Plus I was eager to finally compete in my car this time around since I did not get a chance to during the previous Las Vegas FD round. This was due to the fact that I had to give up my S15 to fellow Falken teammate Darron McNamara who’s engine seized up in the Sears Auto / Falken Sky before qualifying. He was leading the series for 1st place, so upon Falken’s request, I had to sit that round Read more […]

C.Wan x D1 Street Legal Divisional East @ Maze Circuit

On July 19, 2009, I went to Nihonkai Maze Circuit to compete in a D1 Street Legal Divisional East round. This marked the first time an American driver to ever compete in an Japanese D1 competition. It was quite a memorable experience to see how it is like to participate in a J-Style drift comp. My trip started with the car all loaded up on the infamous Team Orange Double Decker car transporter in front of the Team Orange Headquarters – K Style. That S13 is Naoto Suenaga’s ’08 D1 Street Read more […]

C.Wan @ Ebisu Circuit – Japan

I just got back from a week long Japan trip. My first stop was to Ebisu Circuit in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. It has been about 2 years since I had last been back over to Ebisu. This trip will mark my 3rd time over there. My friend Keigo came out with me for my entire trip. He lives in both Japan and the US and can speak both Japanese and English which helped me out immensely. He manages a shop in Chiba while in Japan and works at Garage Boso in Gardena, California when living in the US. Read more […]

CW E46 M3 Wins NCRC Time Trial Event @ Thunderhill

I recently brought out my street E46 M3 out to a time trials event on July 21st at Thunderhill Raceway with the Northern California Racing Club / American Racing Club. This is actually my first time bringing out this car to a race track, so I wasn’t too sure how the car was going to work out there. To my surprise the car handled very well and was quite easy to drive allowing me to push the car’s limits right off the bat. The car has very few modifications done to it so far. I had it equipped Read more […]

Formula D x Round 3: Wall Speedway

Running at Wall Speedway is always unique experience because of its challenging track surfaces. The banked straightaway leading up to an even steeper banked corner lined with smashed up guardrails, the harsh transition from the banking to the flat infield and bumpy “woops” across the figure 8 infield section. I was actually really looking forward to drifting back at Englishtown Raceway. That track’s fast entry road course layout suits my driving style a bit better. But after getting reaquainted Read more […]

1st Place Finish & Drift Demo @ Redline Time Attack: Willow Springs Raceway

I have been wanting to run a time attack this year with my RX-7 since it has been a couple years since I last ran this car in one. I remember my first time attack with this RX-7 was back in 2005 during the Super Street Time Attack Finals in Buttonwillow. That year I took 2nd in Drift Class. This year I finally got another chance to compete in one and made it count this time around and pulled off a 1st Place Victory in the same class with a time of 1:32.87 on Falken Azenis RT-615 street tires. This Read more […]

C.Wan FD3S Drift Demo x Drift Class Time Attack @ Redline

Got invited to perform a Team Drift Demo with Just Drift at the Redline Time Attack race at the Big Willow track at Willow Springs this upcoming weekend on May 30-31 with my personal dual purpose Falken Tire Mazda RX-7. Along with the Drift demo, I am planning on competing in the Drift Class within the Time Attack Competition with the same car and the same Falken Azenis RT-615 tire compound. I am planning on performing only minor setting changes between the two disciplines. I am excited to see Read more […]

Formula D Round 2 @ Road Atlanta

I had a pretty eventful Round 2 at Road Atlanta. I had some minor mechanical setbacks throughout the event that I had to deal with. The Falken team got there early for thurs practice. Right off the bat, during my first run, I ended up snapping both my rear axles. The Garage Boso crew quickly replaced the axles so that I could get some practice in for that day. We found out the car had some handling issues so we decided to make a few alignment changes for the next day. Friday’s schedule consist Read more […]

Performance Auto & Sound Feature x Falken / CW Mazda RX-7

My Falken FD3S is currently featured on this month’s April 2009 Performance Auto & Sound (PAS) mag. This issue has some pretty significant event coverages inside including: Tokyo Auto Salon and CES Show as well as a preview of the new Fast and Furious movie. The 5 page feature shows my RX-7 in competition spec at end of the 2008 Formula D season at Irwindale Speedway. I had a blast competing in my personal car all year. It’s nice to be able to see the car still all presentable in a magazine Read more […]

Just Drift HTM x Falken FD

I finally got a chance to drift Willow Spring’s Horse Thief Mile course with Just Drift during one of their open track events before their 2nd round of Top Drift Battle. HTM is an amazingly fun and technical track. There are big elevation changes throughout the entire course with many tight corners with small straights that require commitment, good speed control and proper lines to connect the corners. It a small road course that allows you to drift the majority of the track or the entire track Read more […]

HIN San Mateo Drift Demo ’09

Drift Demo with my Falken Tire FD3S at the 2009 San Mateo HIN Drift Demo. Good Event. Big Crowd. Locals representin. It’s nice having local drift events in the Bay. More to come. Thanks for the support! Falken Tire Graphtech Graphics Garage Inc. Fatlace Vertex Apexi Rotary Extreme Mach III Vitamin Water Read more […]

Falken S15 Testing

I have been testing the Falken Nissan S15 Silvia at Falken’s testing facitlies in Southern California recently. I am finalizing the car’s initial setup and getting in some seat time with the RHD in preparation for the start of the 2009 Formula Drift’s series. This is truely an amazing car, one of the best drift chassis that I have ever driven. The start of the season is right around the corner and I am really getting excited about this year. Can’t wait to drift this car at all of the different Read more […]

CW S14 x Peak Performance

Just installed some Peak Performance multi-link rear suspension arms on the S14. I am quite pleased with the quality of the components and finish of these arms. It surpasses some of the “quality” JDM brands I have seen in the past. The green anodizing / powercoating and super high quality Aurora rod ends looks straight military spec. Read more […]

Panama Formula D Demo 3.7.09

I just came back from awesome event over in Panama City, Panama at the Figali Convention Center called X-treme Wheels and Drift. It was an event that had a car show, bmx performers, concert with Sean Kingston and Flo Rida, and our drifting demonstration from March 7-8, 2009. This was the first time Panama has ever seen drifting before and the fans over there were going nuts over it the entire weekend. Check out my Panama FD Demo Blog on Read more […]

Crank 2: High Voltage – Stunt Driver

During the summer of ’08, I stunt drove for a upcoming new movie called Crank 2: High Voltage. I performed a getaway scene as the driver for “Johnny Vang” who is running from “Chev Chelios” (Jason Statham) because he stole Chev’s heart which is in a cooler. I had to drive this Silver Civic, with a very bad blue stripping job, in reverse at high speeds down this 7 story circlar ramp. The scene was shot in mulitple segments with the 2 directors choreographing the entire chase scene. Jason was a Read more […]