CW x Drift Sumi-e FD3S :: Back in White

1 outter clip

Brought my FD out for the first time after it’s Dominican Republic Demo return. I was a bit worried about it at first because the car would not start for the longest time since that demo. The car sat in a shipping container at the Long Beach Docks for like 3 months and I guess all that salty sea water air caused the apex seals to lock up. But thanks to Ben Meeker of Rotary Extreme, we finally got the car to start back up after several days of work. The car ended up running beautifully during the Fatlace Team Drifting Championship event at Buttonwillow over the weekend. Such a big relief, as this rotary setup has been awesome.

2 front

I ended giving ride alongs during each session, this particular one was with Allister Capati, my fellow co-creator of our iPhone game Drift Sumi-e. Trying to teach this guy a thing or two about drifting, so I hope he was paying attention during the ride.

I grabbed this pic from the Motor Mavens site. Antonio was hard core enough to come out on his own along with some associates to cover the event. Good to see him still knocking out dope pics after all these years.

3 front quarter

I finally got a chance to remove of all the vinyl wrap from and see the FD back in white. This car has not been all clean of decals since it’s debut during the 2004 SEMA show. Even at that event, I had to throw on some stickers on the car. So I was really happy to see the car all clean in white with the full Vertex kit. I now have a full collection of white cars. 😉 Stay tuned for a group photo shoot soon.

4 FD Rear

I was going for that street style look. So I took off my APR wing and installed my Seibon Carbon hatch with lexan window. That hatch was so much lighter than the stock piece. It actually made the car swing around a bit more nimbler around the track. I actually liked this setup for lower speed courses. Good to know the car still works well without the wing.

5 hood

My CW FD is now known as the Drift Sumi-e FD3S. We will be doing more events with this car in the near future with promotions for the game. Be on the lookout for a new DS video trailer with this car drifting with the in-game footage of the Proto One DS car. This video will be produced by Phillip Velasco of 360 video who always knocks out super clean vids.

6 engine

My FD is still rocking a race ported 13B-REW rotary with an Apexi AX75F92 tubine setup. A new Rotary Extreme V-Mount setup cools the intake charge and coolant keeping this motor reliable and running at proper temps. Garage Boso put this whole engine setup together which is pushing around 415 hp at the wheels and still holding up after a year and half of beating.

7 Drift front

It was good to be out at the track drifting in a proper drift car again.

8 Drift rear

Big thanks to Xander and the Fatlace crew for putting on this West Coast Team Drift Championship. I hope there will be more events to come soon. Until next time.

:: Calvin

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