CW x HellaFlush III

1 m3

I brought out my newly Garage Inc painted M3 out to the HellaFlush 3 meet, held at Blacktrax in Milpitas.

2 m3

Since this is my daily, I wanted to keep the car all OEM style. I had the Garage Inc guys paint up the wheels and grills, and had the lights tinted as well. The stock wheels were spaced out for that flush fitment.


The meet brought out some pretty fresh cars. These FD’s are my friends’ from the MD-R Sac crew.


NorCal got some FF guys rockin’ good fitment wheels. It’s about time the Honda guys start catching on to what us rear-drive drift guys started up over 6 years ago.


Some guys now are getting pretty ridiculous with their fitments. This fitment is some gangster show car style. Only made possible from airbag suspension. I wouldn’t roll it like that unless you want your fenders all jacked up.


There are some old school cars getting down with the flush movement as well. The infamous Shakoten S30 Z from came out to represent here too.


The Fatlace Porsche sittin’ hella flush on some bronze TE37’s. Those wheels look dope on anything.


There were vendors out at this event including the Fatlace booth where you can buy some gear, grab some Motormavens flyers and check out models showcasing their photos.


The Fatlace crew has built up a big following with these Hellaflush meets. I heard people traveling from all over the place including Hawaii & Seattle, just to come to check this event out. Can’t wait to see what’s up with the next one.

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