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I just got back from a week long Japan trip. My first stop was to Ebisu Circuit in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. It has been about 2 years since I had last been back over to Ebisu. This trip will mark my 3rd time over there.

img_7649My friend Keigo came out with me for my entire trip. He lives in both Japan and the US and can speak both Japanese and English which helped me out immensely. He manages a shop in Chiba while in Japan and works at Garage Boso in Gardena, California when living in the US. He helps work on my Falken Tire S15 at Garage Boso and was my mechanic during this trip in Japan. He even got to drift his 180sx at Ebisu’s Kulu Kulu Land course. Thanks Keigo, your the man!


This is my Zenki S14 that I have owned since 2005. I keep the car in one of Ebisu Circuit’s storage garages. I was so relieved that the car was still in good running condition after being stored for 2 years.


It was so nice to finally be back at Ebisu. There is just something really special about this place that is like no other circuit in the world. It’s a place that is built and operated by drifters for drifters and for everyone to enjoy. It is possible to drift on all 9 of their circuits, however some of the bigger circuits like East and West courses are mainly used for grip racing. On any given day of the week, someone can just pay just $20 – $80 and drift all day on multiple tracks that are open for that day. They offer night drifting on some tracks and even got a tire machine that you can use at South Course’s pit as well. I don’t know of any other circuits that is as drifter friendly as Ebisu.


Falken Tire Japan supplied me with their awesome Azenis RT-615 tires for the trip. It is important to use good high quality tires like Falken’s that can hold up to the abuse drifting and perform well. Thank you Falken Japan for all the support!


I got to drift around Ebisu Circuit for about 4 days this time around. It is truly an awesome feeling to be able to choose which circuit you want to go drift at for the day. Here is Naoto and me drifting at Ebisu’s School course. This course has a very technical track layout that offers variety of corners ranging from large sweepers into tight hairpins, esses that vary in lengths and a outer wall that you can practice outer clips.


I got a couple gangster rub marks on the rear bumper to show for from some of the sessions including that neat little rub mark on the the taillight corner from running no rear bumper.


I got a chance to hook up with Luke Huxham who is currently making a Drift Documentary DVD. We met up during one of my sessions at school course with Naoto Suenaga and Sumika Kubokawa of Team Orange.


He’s got some video teaser clips of the drift documentary on their website: www.wearedrift.com. Looks like it gonna be a pretty dope DVD. Can’t wait to check it out.

I had an a lot of fun out at Ebisu. I encourage anyone that is interested in drifting or motorsport in general to go and visit Ebisu Circuit sometime. It is an unforgettable place that will make you want to go back. I’m already starting to think about my next trip over there.


Special JDM style shout out to my sponsors and supporters. Thanks!

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