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During the off-season I have been working on a Drifting iPhone App called Drift Sumi-e under a company called Objectify. We wanted to create an all-new game concept that incorporates authentic Drifting dynamics with the beautiful artform of Sumi-e brush painting. The game features a unique but simple gameplay dynamic especially designed for the iPhone touch controls.


The gameplay is technical yet elegant. Drift Sumi-e requires you to draw a precise drifting line connecting all of the clipping points smoothly in a timely manner. If not drawn correctly, you may either spin or crash off course. The game carries a calming, Zen-like nature as you watch your art come to life.

DS 4 Act1

Here is our App Store Description:

| Limited Time Sale Price: $0.99 |

Welcome to the art of driving.

Experience Drift Sumi-e (su-me-eh): art and driving uncommonly fused into one.

DS 5 Act2

A modern approach on a classic brushstroke art form focusing on capturing the essence of the subject, create a brush line and watch as it comes to life, car gracefully sliding through course.

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– A groundbreaking gameplay dynamic.
– A sophisticated game engine with true-to-life driving physics.
– 8 challenging tracks created by professional motorsports driver and US drift pioneer, Calvin Wan.
– Picture perfect environments. Visually stunning courses depict rich and serene anywhere-in-the-world locales.
– Deep and rewarding unlock system. Keep coming back for more – see what your first place rank unlocks.
– Snapshot and share. Sit back and watch through playback mode, then take snapshots of your run in action. Easily connect with Facebook, Twitter and E-mail to share your art.


DS 8 score

Drift Sumi-e (su-me-eh). Start with a raw canvas, finish with a real-world masterpiece.



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