Drift Sumi-e Silvia x 360vm @ SpoCom

The folks at the MYX Channel set up a booth for the SpoCom San Mateo show and invited me to bring out my S14 Silvia for display. They were there filming new episodes for their 360vm television show on their network.

The MYX guys were kind enough to let us throw up our Drift Sumi-e Banner at the booth. The Drift Sumi-e Team actually stopped by their studios earlier and filmed an interview so be on a lookout for that on a future episode of 360vm. Thanks for the support!

Here’s my S14 rocking the Vertex Lang aero with the Garage Inc. custom pearl white paint job, holding it down at the booth.

The MYX guys had a lot going on the their booth all day.

Their 360vm booth looked like a full studio set with all of the TV screens, lighting, backdrops, props, etc. on hand. They came out with a full production crew ready to shoot.

Og import super model, Christine Mendoza, was hanging out at the booth all day. She had a bunch of her paraphernalia out on display for folks to come check out.

I want to give some shout outs to my sponsors that helped out on this Silvia project.  Thanks for the support!

Stay tuned on the MYX channel for the upcoming 360vm shows featuring this interview and the SpoCom show coverage.

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