FD's Return from Dominican Republic

LB Hold 1

Finally got the call that my FD got released from US Customs! My car was shipped over for a Drift Demo on September 19 for the Brahma Light Drift Track Opening in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It was shipped back to California shortly after, but due to some miss communication with the US Customs with it’s entry back to the US, the FD was held for inspections at the Long Beach Ports. US Customs required my car to be declared as a race car to be able to get let back into the country. So I had to request for a Race Car Exclusion Letter from both the DOT and EPA separately before US Customs would even begin it’s inspection processes. After a while the requests went though and they proceeded with the inspection process.

LB Hold 2

My FD was moved from the docks, to a US Customs Bonded Warehouse and then the G.O. Warehouse where they allowed me to pick the car up at. It was a huge warehouse with huge stock piles of boxes everywhere. My car was in this back section of the building amongst other imported cars awaiting pickup. I was happy to see the car was still intact with everything in it. Finally, free at last! Felt like it just got out of jail or something. LOL. Time to refresh the car back up.


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