Irwindale Finals


My S15 Parked in the Falken Motorsports pits rockin’ some reminiscence of Sonoma battle scars on the car still.


One of my wall rides during a solo run on the inner banking.


Running through the main inner clipping point.


The cool thing about Irwindale is that we get to run the track at night. The course portrays an entirely different ambiance when the lights come on. It makes drifting there much more dramatic and exciting. A feeling unique to Irwindale.


Here is Frank Siharath of Garage Boso. He was my crew chief and head tuner for the past 2 years with Falken and was responsible for keeping the S15 together all year long. He did an awesome job with the motor setup. It made great power and ran reliability all year with no engine problems. This guy is SR master.


Here is me with chassis engineer extraordinaire, Mike Kojima, and KW Suspension’s Chris Marion. I wish I had more time to work with Mike and Chris together during more test sessions this season. I am sure we could have gotten the car to handle a bit better. It was a pleasure working with them nevertheless. I really appreciate their efforts this year.


During my last battle with the Falken S15. 2009 has been a memorable year for me with this infamous car. I am grateful I got a chance to compete in it.

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