Just Drift HTM x Falken FD


I finally got a chance to drift Willow Spring’s Horse Thief Mile course with Just Drift during one of their open track events before their 2nd round of Top Drift Battle. HTM is an amazingly fun and technical track. There are big elevation changes throughout the entire course with many tight corners with small straights that require commitment, good speed control and proper lines to connect the corners. It a small road course that allows you to drift the majority of the track or the entire track if you are committed enough. Very similar to some of the small drift circuits in Japan where you can connect the entire course.

Just Drift Charlie x CW
Just Drift Charlie x CW

Just Drift allows drivers to run continuous laps vs. single runs during their open track events which provides tons of track time. This trains drivers to be able to adapt to other drivers and get good tandem practice in which is really what is needed to prepare drivers for professional competition. Continuous drift laps is how many Japanese drift track events operate. That’s why Japanese drifters as so skilled, they get tons of track time with this style environment.


I am glad we have an organization like Just Drift that is providing a great platform for US drifters to hone their skills. Can’t wait to get my S14 going to I can get some more tandem action on with these guys.

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