NorCal Racing Expo 2010

I was invited out to represent the drift car portion of the 2010 NorCal Racing Expo. I brought out my Drift Sumi-e RX-7 amongst the vast array of race vehicles ranging from midget lites to hydroplane racing boats.

Some of the most prominent race cars that were on hand where the BCRA Midgets. These midgets run 4 cylinder push rod race engines producing nearly 400hp with a direct drive gearbox on chassis weighing around 900 lbs. That is a pretty crazy power to weight ratio. Must be pretty nutty to drive. There is also a midget lite version that uses 1,200cc motorcycle engine and tranny. They race these cars sideways in the dirt with and without wings. Next best thing to drift cars ;). Check them out at Bay Cities Racing Association.

I left my Seibon carbon panels exposed for the show so that the attendees can notice the weight reduction setups that some drift cars run. Dan Pina’s Drift Patrol Mustang was also on hand with my RX-7. Our cars were rocking reverse style paint schemes for the show. haha.

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